Tara Stamm

Teaching Active Shooter Preparation

There was a shooting on my campus.  A lone gunman entered the first floor of the library last week in the middle of the night and started randomly shooting.  Three students were injured and hundreds more hid in the stacks while campus police ended the […]

Feb, 10

Ingroup Privilege and the New Digital Divide

This weekend, a House oversight committee announced plans to investigate the Presidential influence over the Federal Communications Commission’s new proposal governing how broadband providers treat traffic on their networks.  This investigation is a response to the FCC Chairman’s proposal to subject broadband providers like Verizon, […]

Feb, 09

Parenthood as Collective Identity

Iowa is engaged in an historical race, possibly sending their first female to the U.S. Senate.  Republican candidate, Joni Ernst, while also an Army National Guard soldier, describes herself as a mother first.  Albeit a mother who also carries a gun, castrates hogs and rides […]

Oct, 28

Mothering on the Margins: legislating first environments and the demand for maternal accountability

Originally posted to Sociology Lens 9/22/2014 “You put me in charge of Medicaid…”, the vice president of Arizona’s Republican Party and former state senator, Russell Pearce quipped on his weekly radio broadcast The Russell Pearce Show “the first thing I’d do is get Norplant, birth-control […]

Sep, 26

The Economist Twist

Originally posted on Sociology Lens on 9/8/2014 If you operate in a world of “market forces” well, then you should probably leave the social research to the social scientists. An August 23rd commentary in the Science and Technology section of the Economist magazine anonymously summarized […]

Sep, 15

Digital Divide Widening

My research on whether access to a home computer and internet access will improve the academic performance of low-income racially segregated middles schoolers has not yet been published so I am going to discuss some of what I think are important findings here and provide […]

Aug, 15

Celebrity Moms

Despite warning and pleading to do otherwise, some adolescents do actually get pregnant.  Many do so deliberately according to Joanna Gregson’s 2010 book, The Culture of Teenage Mothers.  Actively seeking pregnancy and then keeping the baby transmits a variety of messages between the coupled pair.  […]

Aug, 14